Saturday, August 11, 2012

20 Things I want in my Tablet

Dear Tablet PC Manufacturers,

Google has started shipping its latest tablet PC called Google Nexus 7. Apple’s iPad is already a market leader, but they are also planning to launch iPad Mini in September. Amazon’s Kindle Fire caused a lot of positive vibe last year while Lenovo and Samsung has some offerings as well. But the most noise, nowadays, is coming from Microsoft, who is about to launch its surface tablet PC. So has been become quite difficult not to own a tablet PC nowadays. I am willing to pay a maximum of $300 but I have 20 things which I require in my tablet PC, which would enable me to replace my laptop (at least for home use) and give me even more. So if you want to earn my $300, then read this blog and make a tablet PC which fits the bill. 

  1. USB Connection (Flash Drive). This is a must, I want to swap my files from here there and everywhere, and I don’t want to do so, through my laptop. Since I don’t want to open my laptop.
  2. Disk Management tool. I hate it when I can’t see my files in my device like the case in my iPod touch. All files are available within the individual apps, and one app cannot open other app’s file. e.g. I have some pdfs in iBooks, but I can’t open those PDFs in Adobe Reader! I hate this restriction. I own the files so I should be able to open it from any app/tool that supports it.
  3. Wi Fi (Obviously), no need for 3G/4G.
  4. Skype with camera support.
  5. Easy typing (For Blogging and Emails).
  6. Good Blogging Tools, allowing me to create new and manage existing blogs.
  7. Social (Twitter, Google+, I don’t need Facebook, so you can cut the extra $50 for that.
  8. Good Readers for PDFs eBooks. I hate it, if my PDF documents don’t align and fit in the screen. And yes I read a lot of URDU PDFs, in which pages are scanned and not written. I want that to align as well.
  9. Email Programs (connect to Exchange, GMail, and any other email programs that I might wish to create an account in, in the future)
  10. Camera.
  11. Easy upload of videos.
  12. Open all sites, ALL OF THEM. Not like Apple IOS 5, which doesn’t open some videos sites, which has flash etc.
  13. Open all Live Streaming websites and other video sites.
  14. Support torrents (Yes I am a pirate)
  15. A stand/cover, which would make the tab stand up, so that I don’t have to hold it in my hands, forever.
  16. Looks and Feels Cool.
  17. Connectivity with PC.
  18. Shouldn’t be Sluggish.
  19. Good RSS Reader for my Google Reader Account.
  20. VOIP Support.

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