Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Curious Case of a Suicide Bombing

Well recently I was asked by a near and dear one, about what I feel about suicide bombings! Well nobody likes them, especially when they are killing civilians. And the ones happening recently, have been denounced by all religious scholars as well.

But who is doing them? Well isn't that a million dollar question. There have been a lot of theories. And I am going to add one more theory :)

In a recent attack on Mr. Afsandyar Wali Khan, eye witnesses gave a very strange account. Don't you just love the first, unedited and unfiltered accounts! Some curious stuff from the newreport

. Policemen were firing at the bomber but there were only specks of dust.
. The bomber is said to have received eight shots but that didn’t slow him down. He said it appeared that the man had been drugged and he did not feel any pain. “At one stage, he fell but got up again.”

With hundreds and thousands of prisoners held in Afghanistan by the NATO troops and a lot of mind altering drugs at their disposal, they can easily have a whole production line of suicide bombers. So, go figure! One more conspiracy theory for you.

For the original news item, check out the link below.

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  1. I doubt a person in such a highly drugged state can have the wherewithal to detonate a mechanical bomb(and not a remote controlled one ) as the article mentioned. All Talib leaders, in the past, have claimed these bombings so I don't think that leaves any doubt about their intentions

    Btw our policemen cannot fire eight shots at stationary target 2 feet away let alone in the middle of all the chaos. It will probably have taken them 2000 rounds to hit 8 at a target. That would have killed a lot more people in a crowd.

    These people have been brainwashed alright. With being raised in an environment of hate and intolerance since the age of 4 in Madressas which have been teaching their own twisted interpretation of Islam

    The sooner we come to realize that this is our issue and our issue alone the quicker we will be able to nip this problem. Our enemies will take every chance to exploit our weaknesses and they may be behind some of these incidents. But I have never seen and Jew or Christian blow himself up in the middle of a mosque. Unfortunately the perpetrators are Muslim.

    More education and economic uplift are the keys here.