Monday, July 12, 2010

The basics of Pakistan

Pakistan ka Matlab kya?

Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947. The basis of Pakistan was the "Two Nation Theory", which basically meant that Hindus and Muslims are a separate nation and no matter how much efforts are made to reconcile them, all such actions, in the end, would be fruitless. History has and current affairs continue to give us a shining proof of this theory. Who can argue on this point after reading the plight of thousands of massacred Muslim men, women and children, during their migration to the land of pure in 1947. Who can deny the Two Nation Theory, after seeing with our own eyes, the fate of thousands of Muslims burned alive on the whims of the Gujrat CM, the criminal Modi?

Nowadays a scheme is being brewed by the so-called liberals that Pakistan was designed as a secular state by our founding fathers. While befitting replies have been given to them on several forums and occasions but probably the most plausible reply to their claim is the 'Two Nation Theory' itself. If Pakistan was to be a secular state, then what exactly does the Two Nation Theory mean? Why did our founding fathers put forward the demands of Pakistan on the basis of the Two Nation Theory? What is the meaning of Quaid-e-Azam's historical address of 1940, wherein he said,

"Mussalmans are a nation according to any definition of nation. We wish our people to develop to the fullest spiritual, cultural, economic, social and political life in a way that we think best and in consonance with our own ideals and according to the genius of our people".

What does 'our own ideals' and 'genius of our people' mean? Doesn't it mean that 'our own Muslim ideals' and the 'genious of our Muslim people'? Why did they strive to make Islamic Republic of Pakistan when they could have very easily worked to make a safe haven in the secular United Republic of Hindustan?

Shouldn't the Quaid's ideal of 'Modern Islamic State' mean a state which will embrace all modernity as long as it maintains the state's Islamic identity?

I strongly believe that our so called liberal brothers are trying to play with the Quaid's words to only further their own wishes. Because nobody in Pakistan, nobody, is ready to believe the only other possible alternate i.e. the Quaid giving a false slogan to the Muslims of the sub-continent just to garner support. Nobody can ever believe that the unbreakable political integrity of the Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah would sink as low as the political integrity of our current fickle political elite. The Quaid's political stature even today, is untarnished and unblemished. On numerous occasions he has based his politics on pure integrity and firm belief. One of the shiniest examples of which was demonstrated when he declined to use such a high bargaining chip as the Nehru love letters.

Truth be told, it was the strong belief of both the Muslim leadership and the Muslim nation, in the slogan 'Pakistan ka matlab kya, la illaha ilAllah', that resulted in the birth of the miracle of Pakistan. For this slogan clearly indicated to every Muslim, that there are no wishes except for the wishes of Allah, and only HIS wishes would make the land of the pure a spiritual, cultural, economic, social and political super power.

Today Pakistan is burning. Pakistan is burning in conflict, despair, poverty, corruption, hopelessness and abject surrender. We today are divided and dis-illusioned. So much so that many of us have even started questioning the two nation theory. While some of us are wondering that how come this very Pakistani nation stood and braved the storm created in the sub-continent against the Muslims, by the jingoistic hindu majority with the help of the super power of that era, the British. How was it that we achieved our dream to have our very own Modern Islamic State?

For all those wondering and hoping for the birth of the same Muslim nation, the solution lies in our past. We need to reerect the 3 pillars of the Quaid and to restart the chant of the ever popular slogan. For only 'La Illaha IlAllah' would re-unite our divided nation; return the faith which makes us see the goal and not the challenges; and re-inculcate the necessary discipline, required to make us achieve our goals. For only 'La Illaha IlAllah' would give us Unity, Faith and Discipline to achieve the Quaid's dream of a 'Modern Islamic State'.

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