Saturday, August 11, 2012

20 Things I want in my Tablet

Dear Tablet PC Manufacturers,

Google has started shipping its latest tablet PC called Google Nexus 7. Apple’s iPad is already a market leader, but they are also planning to launch iPad Mini in September. Amazon’s Kindle Fire caused a lot of positive vibe last year while Lenovo and Samsung has some offerings as well. But the most noise, nowadays, is coming from Microsoft, who is about to launch its surface tablet PC. So has been become quite difficult not to own a tablet PC nowadays. I am willing to pay a maximum of $300 but I have 20 things which I require in my tablet PC, which would enable me to replace my laptop (at least for home use) and give me even more. So if you want to earn my $300, then read this blog and make a tablet PC which fits the bill. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to list all sheets in Excel

Insert a new sheet and have that sheet active when you run the macro.

Right click on the sheet and click on 'view code'
Paste the below code and click on 'run'

"Private Sub ListSheets()
'list of sheet names starting at A1
Dim rng As Range
Dim i As Integer
Set rng = Range("A1")
For Each Sheet In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets
rng.Offset(i, 0).Value = Sheet.Name
i = i + 1
Next Sheet
End Sub"

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

And So It Begins

Few would deny that these are historic times. And we happen to be in the middle of it. Witnessing it live. Years from now, our grand children, will ask us about these times. And one of their questions can be what did we do? On which side were we standing?

Witnessing events which might be historic, can be a bit tricky. As things unfold before you, you don't realize that the event can be epic. History unfolds as a chain of small, sometimes seemingly insignificant events. But as a snowball rolling down from the top of a hill, the event starts becoming bigger and bigger.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ulema Meeting With Musharraf after 9/11

Below is an excellent article by Ansar Abbasi, originally written by Mufti Rafi Usmani, on what happened behind the scenes during Musharraf's meeting with Ulema-e-Karaam after the attack of 9/11 and before the decision to attack on Afghanistan.

Jang Group Online:

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Difference In Attitudes

Japanese Attitude for work: 

       if one can do it, I can do it
  If none can do it, I must try to do it!

Arab Version:

    wallahi If one can do it, let him do it

if none can do it, ya-akhi why should i do it!

Shoaib Akhtar - Sachin is your God not my God

Well one thing is for sure, Shoaib Akhtar is the boldest cricket ever. He doesn't think much about saying anything. Below are his answers to all the controversies his book created. And they are pretty bold :)

While answering to Indian Media about the controversies created by his book, Shoaib tells them that Sachin is your God and not my God. 'And if your God can get a ball hit on his head, then its your problem not his'. 

Meanwhile Afridi, another bold Pakistani cricketer, has vouched for Shoaib, saying that Sachin was really scared of Shoaib, and Afridi could see Sachin's legs shaking, while Afridi was standing on the square leg. 

Friday, September 30, 2011

SCSM - IT Operations Perspective

Microsoft's System Center Service Manager is here. Fancy names aside, it is a ticketing system which keeps a track of all the work done in IT operations. We have just launched SCSM in our production environment and right now is a good time to tell you guys as to how I, being part of IT Operations, see SCSM. 

Why I have not bought an Apple Till Now?

I remember there was a time, when I was a big fan of Apple, even though for most of my life, I couldn't afford any of their products. Their powerful Macintosh desktops, their flat screens, their lamp shaped PCs, their introduction of mouse etc all amazed me. Obviously everything was out of my buying power.