Friday, September 30, 2011

Why I have not bought an Apple Till Now?

I remember there was a time, when I was a big fan of Apple, even though for most of my life, I couldn't afford any of their products. Their powerful Macintosh desktops, their flat screens, their lamp shaped PCs, their introduction of mouse etc all amazed me. Obviously everything was out of my buying power. 

Eventually after collecting a lot of funds and mustering up a lot of courage, I eventually bought the stick shaped, finger sized iPod Shuffle. I was pretty excited to finally own a apple. But when I found out that I couldn't copy the mp3 files directly into the shuffle and I needed iTunes to transfer them to be able to listen to them, the fun ended. Something was not right, with Apple's approach. It was trying to create a world of its own. And it was trying to tell you what you should do and what you shouldn't do on the internet. 

Years later, my buying power increased but Apple's approach stuck with me. Every time, I evaluated an Apple product, the verdict was, it is a cool toy to have, but you won't be able to use it as one and all. 

Now the world has been taken over by Apple frenzy with the release of iPhone, iPod and iPad. Still they are not cheap and still Apple prefers to stay in a world of its own. e.g. Flash is not supported on Apple devices. Now that takes away half of the news, sports and cricket/squash highlight websites, that I am so used to browsing daily. So if I buy an iPad, I won't be able to do what I am doing now. 

No thank you is my reply to Apple. Instead of iPhone, I bought Nokia N8. It might be a little sluggish, but after buying it, I have packed my camera, my mp3 player, my FM modulator, I am carrying my office Cisco IP Phone extension anywhere I travel in my office and I am not even using my laptop during weekends! Instead of iPod Touch i already have Nokia N8. And for reading online books, my choice would be 'Kindle' rather than iPad, since I prefer reading books for 3-4 hours and iPad's back light and its weight, are not somethings that I prefer in my books. 

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