Friday, September 30, 2011

SCSM - IT Operations Perspective

Microsoft's System Center Service Manager is here. Fancy names aside, it is a ticketing system which keeps a track of all the work done in IT operations. We have just launched SCSM in our production environment and right now is a good time to tell you guys as to how I, being part of IT Operations, see SCSM. 

Why I have not bought an Apple Till Now?

I remember there was a time, when I was a big fan of Apple, even though for most of my life, I couldn't afford any of their products. Their powerful Macintosh desktops, their flat screens, their lamp shaped PCs, their introduction of mouse etc all amazed me. Obviously everything was out of my buying power. 

Squash - The Beginning

No I am not talking about a lemonade. I am talking about Squash the game. It is an excellent game, giving you fitness, stamina, quick thinking, judgement and best of all an exhilarating feeling. If you are a beginner or someone thinking about starting this game, read on, for some tips on how make the best out of squash. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Well Done Team Pakistan!

Well Pakistan cricket team has finished its tour of Zimbabwe in which they won every match, and also discovered a good (but old) bowler Mr. Cheema. This is good since seeing the upcoming load on Pakistan, it would be handy to have bench strength. Hafeez also found his form and the Pakistani fan is now starting to live with the Akmals. No huge performance from both the brothers, but they will (just like Imran Farhat), no doubt, retain their places in the playing 11 in place of other more deserving candidates like Asad Shafiq, Khalid Latif and Khurram Manzoor.

But I am not sure whether to be more happy for them for winning every match on the tour or I should be more happy for the fact that there were no controversies. I think it definitely is the latter. 

Any hoo, Mr. Chairman, Mr. Shoaib Akhtar and Mr. Waseem Akram, all did their part in ensuring that Pakistani cricket keeps on presenting all the wrong news headlines. Mr. Shoaib releases his autobiography, Mr. Chairman calls it 'bullshit' and Mr. Akram says that Shoaib was a problem before and is a problem now!

I am not sure that whether Mr. Chairman should have used such words in public, but anyhow, unless he is not blaming the international cricket boards for fixing matches, all is well in Pakistan. 

What is your response to this series, do let me know. I continue on my fickle pledge not to follow Pakistani cricket anymore, BUT, did watch some highlights here and there and did like Hafeez and Shafiq's boundaries and Cheema's yorker! Hope to see better signs in the SriLanka series...

Vishwa Bandhu Gupta Explains Cloud computing

An absolutely funny video. No words for it. 

The McGurk effect