Friday, May 7, 2010

From Madina To Kuwait

Although we didn't want to, but it was time to leave Madina. I was very sad to leave Madina, but a bit concerned about the long trip ahead and to reach the right road, as I didn't know from where I should be exiting from Madina. Well with a mixture of all kinds of duas, especially Darood Shareef and the small Istikhara, help from different people, I was able to stay on the right track, without wasting any time. I also prayed, that Allah please keep bringing me back to these wonderful cities Makkah and Madinah.

I know that this would be the last part of your trip, but I am writing it first, because that part is still fresh in my mind and I can provide more details about it.

If you are going to Kuwait, Riyadh, Qassim etc, then you would have to follow the signs which take you towards the airport. Just a kilometer before the actual airport, you would find a sign taking you to the Qassim causeway. Follow that sign, till you find an exit for Qassim/Riyadh. Take that exit and then start on that road. It is a wonderful double road and wth proper signs.

If you are worried that you might not be able to reach, then a good thing would be to hire a cab and then follow the cab to the cause way. Another good idea would be to ask the guys at the petrol station about the Qassim causeway, Riyadh causeway or the causeway taking you to Hanakiya. Make sure that you are able to reach the 'new' causeway, beause I heard that there is an old causeway/dirt road, which might not be a good idea to travel on.

Make sure that before you reach the causeway, your tank is full, so that Petrol is the least of your worries.

Note: This highway might be monitored so be careful. Make sure that you read my blog about driving on Highways.

Ensure that your navigator, keeps a look out for the city Hanakiya. If you find the sign for Hanakiya, then it means you are the right road. Normally Hanakiya would come on the same board, alongwith Qassim and Riyadh.

Just keep following the cities on the map, you don't need to take any exit, unless you plan to re-fuel your car or yourself. Just keep going on, ensuring that you keep a track on the cities so that you know that you are on the right path.

Just after Batra, you will find a nice rest stop, with nice clean washrooms, masjid, petrol station, grocery store and restaurant. If you can you can take a rest there.

Praying 2 rakaats, nafil, if its not time for regular prayers, would be a good idea as well. Prayers, as mentioned in a hadith, is 'thandak of your eyes', meaning it would be refreshing for your eyes and yourself as well. Make sure that its not the time in which praying is not allowed.

On reaching Zilfi, make sure that you view the beautiful orange sand, something which I haven't seen anywhere in the world. After Zilfi, make sure that you are following 'Hafar Al Batin'. After Hafar Al Batin' its just going towards Kuwait.

On reaching Kuwait you would arrive in 'Salem'. After Salem you need to reach the 6th ring and follow the signs to your home. Make sure that you pray two rakaats, nafil Shukraana, to thank Allah.

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