Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Best Afridi Innings

Knock Knock. Who's there. Its Afridi, Pakistan's test captain (yes I know it sounds funny) and he is here to stay.

Well I have been following Afridi's career since his first international one day innings. I have seen decimate opposition's bowling by scoring some of the fastest centuries human eyes have ever seen. But his recent century against Srilanka, has been 'the' best of Afridi centuries and one of the best from any batsmen.

Being 4 down, he promoted himself ahead of some of the reliable names like Akmal brothers and Razzaq. Immediately he took the attack to the opposition by two towering sixes.

But it was not all about bashing the ball around. He took a high percentage of singles and doubles. Some of the highlights were his towering sixes against the best off spinner in the world. Battling cramps and back aches, but not calling for a runner.

Too bad it was a century which went in vain, as we lost the match. But Afridi's mature innings, is what Pakistan needed to see from Pakistan's latest Test, One Day and Twenty20 captain. We needed to know that Afridi can be a mature person, since that is what is required from a test batsman and a test captain. Test cricket, which is infact real cricket.

Keep it up Pakistan.

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