Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Salman Butt drops a sitter, so whats new?

Knock Knock, who's there?
"Salman Butt's brain"
"Oh, so where is Salman Butt then?"

I am a huge fan of Butt's batting, but his catching. My God that is horrible. And I think the only solution is that our very own Samir Bhai has a one-on-one session with him. Samir Bhai is the only fielder I have seen that don't drop catches. Well how can you drop a catch, when you don't even attempt! So the only solution for Salman Butt is to stop attempting catches. When you don't attempt you don't drop.

Well Ahsan, in CricInfo commentary sums it up quite well.

Ahsan: "Butt can't catch anything that is in the air. Not even flu!"

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